Car Accident Settlements Checklist: Important Steps to Take at Crash Site

A vehicular accident can include significant expenses due to physical trauma, property damages, and mental anguish. You’ll need resources to pay the repair bills on your vehicle, the medical bills that may accumulate, and any legal fees you acquire. Hiring a car accident lawyer and reaching a settlement can go a long way in helping ease the burden and bring you peace of mind. Of course, there are necessary steps to take following a crash, specifically at the site of the accident.

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Keep Cool

First off, it is important to remain calm and resolve the accident promptly. Immediately following an incident, you’ll notice that tensions and adrenaline are running high. Being aggressive or disruptive can ruin any chances of a settlement on the spot. Therefore, it is vital you remain calm and do not enter any altercations or verbal disputes.

Call the Authorities

Next, consider calling the police to inform the local precinct about the incident. Besides acquiring official help, calling the police will ensure a formal report is on file for the insurance companies. Should you require medical care, ask about personnel and ambulance care immediately.


Immediately following an accident, it is important to write down as much information as possible. Ensure you receive the contact details and insurance information of the other party involved in the accident. Then, consider acquiring a copy of the police report filed at the scene.

Finally, be sure to take photographs of the accident site, including any damage your vehicle may have incurred at the scene. It is a smart idea to document any wounds you received as a direct result of the accident, too.

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