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They are very through and polite. Willing to go out of there way to explain all options and do whatever they can to take care of the client.

Past Client

Steve is on top of everything that needed to be done. My truck was totaled and within 2 days he had me in another truck. He has kept me and my wife informed in everything that is being done. He has helped my wife through her ordeal with the fear of being in another vehicle. Due to the urgent nature of my legal issue, I needed to find a lawyer quickly. Their customer service is outstanding; they took the time to understand my issues quickly.

Past Client

Bill and his staff are first class. They were always there to answer questions for me whenever I needed them. My wife dealt with another attorney for an accident she was involved and they the were awful to deal with. I wished we would have gone with Bill on that accident too.

Jason F.

I cannot thank Mr. Shirer and his team enough for their service. After being hit on my biycle, Mr. Shirer's team ensured me everything would be fine and I just needed to focus on my recovery. Their dedication and expertise is top notch and I highly recommend this law office to anyone who needs this service.

Jeffrey W.

Bill and his staff were very sympathetic to the needs of an injured cyclist. I would definitely recommend his services for those needing help with a motorist/cyclist case.

Steve A.

Great service and responsiveness. Bill and his team took care of the details and knew how the insurance companies think. Before you talk to the insurance company, talk to Bill and his team, they know how to assemble the facts and keep the record straight so the insurance company can't weasel out of their obligations. The insurance companies try to minimize the amount they pay on claims and know how to get you to say the wrong things. Before you talk to the insurance company, talk to Bill Shirer, he's on your side.

D. Dallas