Why Should You Hire McGilberry & Shirer?

First, we are experienced

Personal injury cases are all that we handle.

Second, we make your life a bit easier

Getting medical treatment alone is a major distraction and inconvenience, and it’s even worse if you are having to deal with the different insurance companies. (Theirs, your auto carrier and your health insurer.) What we do is that we handle everything. We get all the records, bills, documents, photos, etc. and handle all communications with all the insurers involved. All you do is get the medical treatment you need. You don’t have to talk with anyone besides your doctors and us.

Third, we make sure that you’re not taken advantage of

A personal injury case is a bit like a game of poker. The facts of your case are a bit like the cards you get dealt. Sometimes you get a good hand, sometimes you don’t. But one sure thing is that if you don’t know how to play the game, who the players are and what the cards are worth, you will lose. Insurance companies know how to play the game. They may be nice to you, but that does not mean they are going to be giving money away if they can get away with it. We make sure that they don’t.

Fourth, the attorneys personally handle your case from start to finish

As a client, you will speak directly with us, the attorneys. We don’t have case managers or legal assistants that are in charge of cases. When you hire us, you will meet with an attorney (who can travel to meet you) and not with a “runner” or case manager. If you have any questions about your case, you will speak with the attorney handling the case. Your personal injury attorney handles all negotiations and communications with the insurance companies.

Let us help you. Contact us by 972-392-1225 or email today for your free personal injury consultation – we look forward to helping you!