The Ins and Outs of Slip and Fall Lawsuits

First off, it is important to speak with an experienced slip and fall attorney regarding damages and going about filing a slip and fall lawsuit. The law can be confusing to outsiders. You’ve probably heard the term slip and fall before, but maybe never have fully understood what such a situation is referring to. A slip and fall incident is one in which an individual loses their footing, falls, and injures themselves on the property owned by a third-party. There are a few circumstances under which a slip and fall accident may occur. The result, however, is that someone is liable for the incident, either through negligence or direct fault.

Proving a Slip and Fall Claim

In general, property owners are required to ensure their land or business is reasonably safe for guests and visitors. Should any dangerous conditions present themselves, the property owner must take the necessary steps to repair these conditions promptly.

To successfully prove a slip and fall claim, the injured individual must demonstrate the business or organization did not take the necessary steps to ensure a safe environment. In the case of a slip and fall claim, proving a claim requires evidence, witnesses, and records of the incident. It can be difficult at times.

Damages Available

Should you have been injured during a slip and fall incident, you are entitled to damages as a result. Your damages will include pain and suffering, bills for any medical treatments – past, present, and future – and potential lost wages missed due to your injury. In addition, your spouse may file for damages based on lost support or services suffering due to the injuries.

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