Ladder and Scaffold Accident Lawyers in Dallas, TX

There are multiple legal theories that could affect a single ladder or scaffold accident claim. It’s important to trust personal injury attorneys with a history of success for your best odds of securing a financial recovery for your fall. Experience handling complex claims and multiple practice areas can give your claim an edge during insurance claim settlements and personal injury trials.

Ladder and scaffold accidents are some of the most common reasons for falls in occupational settings. Falls are the greatest cause of construction worker death in the U.S. The most frequently cited standard by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is lack of fall protection. Poor scaffold construction is another top-ten cited standard. If you or a loved one suffered injuries in a ladder or scaffold accident in Dallas, the law could entitle you to compensation for your economic and non-economic losses. The team of Dallas ladder or scaffold accident lawyers at McGilberry & Shirer can help you explore and exercise your rights.

Ladder and Scaffold Safety Requirements

Ladders and scaffolds are necessary tools in many capacities, especially in the construction industry. Every day, thousands of construction workers rely on these pieces of equipment to complete their jobs. When someone’s negligence has compromised the safety of a ladder or scaffold, the results can be disastrous. Many different parties owe duties of care when it comes to the safety of ladders and scaffolds. Some legal matters that might relate to your claim include:

  • Employer duties to staff members. If your ladder or scaffold fall happened at work, you might have a claim against your employer or a coworker. It is up to workers to properly construct scaffolds and up to the site manager to obey OSHA regulations and safety codes. Consider hiring an industrial accidents lawyer in Dallas to sue your employer outside of the workers’ compensation system for maximum compensation if it violated a safety standard or recovering through workers’ comp and a personal injury lawsuit in the event of third-party liability.
  • Product manufacturer responsibilities. Some ladder and scaffold accidents happen because of dangerous or defective equipment. Federal laws are in place to regulate the quality of the goods manufacturers produce. Any oversight or mistake that leads to a faulty piece of equipment reaching the hands of consumers could lead to a product liability lawsuit. In most cases, injured parties do not have to prove a manufacturer’s negligence to receive compensation for their defective product injuries.
  • Property owner duties to visitors. A dangerous ladder, scaffold, or other surfaces on someone else’s property could potentially point to property owner liability. This might be the case if the item fell under the property owner’s duty of care, yet the owner failed to make sure it was safe for invitees or licensees to climb upon and use. You could pursue compensation by hiring a Dallas premises liability lawyer to file a claim.

Dallas Attorneys with Experience Handling Ladder/Scaffold Accident Claims

McGilberry & Shirer has this experience, and we have more than enough successful settlements and verdicts to prove a history of success. We’ve helped more than 10,000 Texans recover for their injuries and might be able to help you, too. Contact us to learn more about your case during a complimentary case evaluation in Dallas.