Multicar Pileup: Who's at Fault?

who's at fault for a multicar pileup

If you are wondering how fault is determined in a multicar pileup in Dallas, you are not alone. Most people understandably have no idea how the legal system determines fault in such violent accidents. Fret not, as our Dallas car crash attorneys are here to explain the nuances of legal liability in the context of multicar pileups. Meet with our legal team, and you’ll find we use language you can understand without a law degree. 

An Inside Look at How Fault Is Proven in Multicar Pileups

Proving the fault of one or several other drivers in a multicar accident requires the guidance of an experienced Dallas car crash lawyer. Meet with our legal team, tell us about your crash, and we’ll start piecing together the puzzle of legal liability. Once liability is determined, we will fiercely advocate on your behalf to prove another party was negligent, paving a path toward financial compensation that rights this wrong.

The challenge lies in determining the at-fault party. Everything from surveillance footage near the accident scene to eyewitness statements and driver testimony plays a part in determining legal liability. Oftentimes, a single driver is not determined to be legally liable for such an accident. Rather, two or more drivers might be at fault, depending on the idiosyncrasies of the crash.

Above all, state and local traffic laws matter most. Our Dallas car accident attorney will analyze the evidence of your case to determine whether one or several drivers involved in the crash violated local or state laws. The location of the accident, the conditions on the road, driver action, and the breaking of laws all play a part in shaping legal liability. Even driving too fast for the conditions on the road at the time of the accident, regardless of the posted speed limit, constitutes negligence and legal liability. 

Written Reports and Statements

Contact the police after your multicar pileup, and the responding officer will create a formal police report. The information contained in the police report plays a part in determining legal liability. Furthermore, statements made by witnesses also shape the outcome of the insurance claim and/or personal injury lawsuit. The issuance of citations to involved drivers combined with video footage and even black box information recorders inside of trucks involved in the accident help determine liability, cumulatively amounting to a whole that is greater than the sum of their parts. 

The Subtleties of Multicar Pileups

Even something as subtle as the positioning of the automobiles involved in the multicar pileup can partially shape the legal outcome of the crash. The responding police officer along with attorneys and expert witnesses such as auto accident experts and physicists who understand the laws of motion will offer insight as to why certain vehicles were positioned in specific directions after the accident. These experts will compare the subtle details of your auto accident to those of previous pileups, possibly including hypothetical chain reaction car crashes as points of comparison to better understand which drivers were responsible.

You can do your part to help prove one or several other drivers involved in the multicar pileup were legally liable for the crash by taking pictures of the accident scene before cars are towed away. Take snapshots of the accident from several different angles, present those images to our Dallas auto accident attorneys, and we will craft a compelling argument on your behalf. Seeking and obtaining justice starts with an initial consultation at our law office.

Liability Has the Potential to Extend Beyond Drivers

Some multicar accidents are the result of negligence on behalf of parties not directly involved with the cash. Aside from drivers, other potentially liable parties include:

  • Municipalities who failed to provide a safe driving surface or properly marked roads with sufficient signage
  • Mechanics who failed to properly maintain or repair vehicles
  • Automakers with faulty assembly lines 

As an example, a mechanic who fails to properly perform a brake replacement can be named as a defendant in a personal injury lawsuit resulting from a multicar pileup in Dallas. Even defective brakes in a vehicle straight off the assembly line set the stage for our attorneys to prove automaker negligence. However, more often than not, it is one or several drivers who are fully or partially at fault for such violent and potentially deadly accidents. Our legal team is here to help prove your innocence to help you overcome this unfortunate incident and return your life to normal.

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