Ridesharing Accident Lawyers in Dallas, TX

“Ridesharing” refers to the mode of travel in which a passenger travels in a private vehicle the owner operates, arranged through an app such as Uber or Lyft. Ridesharing is generally a safe and affordable way to get around Texas, often costing substantially less than traditional taxi services. For the price, however, riders sacrifice a certain degree of safety. Uber and Lyft do not vet their drivers prior to hire like traditional taxi companies do with their employees. Uber and Lyft drivers are also independent contractors – removing your right to sue the company for vicarious liability in many scenarios.

After a rideshare accident that leaves you or a loved one with serious injuries, talk to a Dallas ridesharing accidents lawyer at McGilberry & Shirer about your rights to financial recovery. We can help you with your insurance claim through Uber or Lyft’s insurers, making sure a claims agent doesn’t take advantage of you during settlement negotiations. If you have grounds to sue a rideshare company and/or other parties, we can assist you with this process as well. Our Dallas car accident attorneys are your comprehensive source of aid after a rideshare or any type of car accident in Dallas.

Ridesharing Regulations in Texas

Texas Governor Abbott signed a bill on May 29th, 2017 that regulates the ridesharing industry statewide. It applies to ride-hailing companies such as Uber and Lyft, and it overrides local measures that previously existed in cities like Austin. House Bill 100 requires ridesharing companies to have Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation permits and to pay annual $5,000 fees to operate in Texas. It also requires ridesharing companies to perform annual criminal background checks on drivers at the local, state, and national level. Rideshare companies do not, however, have to fingerprint their drivers.

In the past, lax driver background checks and hiring procedures have put Uber and Lyft under fire – especially since at least 350 alleged sexual assaults and harassments have happened in ridesharing vehicles since the companies began. Texas’ new laws hope to improve the safety of rideshare passengers by making criminal checks mandatory every year, instead of only when the company hires a new driver. The bill is good news for riders, but it doesn’t necessarily guarantee safety.

If you get into a car with a negligent or criminal Uber/Lyft driver that causes your injuries, explore your right to sue the company. You can pursue damage compensation after an Uber or Lyft accident, as well as after an alleged assault from an Uber or Lyft driver. The personal injury attorneys at McGilberry & Shirer can help you with ridesharing accident claims in Dallas and throughout North Texas, guiding your claim from the initial filing process all the way to trial if necessary. We can help you fight for fair compensation after a rideshare-related incident.

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