Important Bicycle Safety Tips

Bicycling is a fun pastime that does great things for both your health and the environment. Cities all across the country are adding bike lanes to encourage a rider-friendly culture. As winter comes to an end, now is a good time to pull your bike out of storage and put in some miles in the warm North Texas air. Bike riding can be quite dangerous when vehicle accidents occur.

Unfortunately, almost 1,000 riders are killed each year on the road, and another nearly 500,000 cyclists are admitted to emergency rooms for bicycle injuries. If an inattentive driver or malevolent pedestrian causes an accident while you are riding, you may hire a bicycle accident lawyer and seek personal injury compensation. Before you hit the roads, keep in mind these important safety tips that can keep you riding safely all year long.

 If you follow the above tips, you can mitigate much of the risk that comes with riding. For details on how you can build your case, contact your expert Dallas bicycle accident attorneys at McGilberry and Shirer, LLP today at (972) 392-1225.

Wear a Helmet

A recent study found wearing a helmet while cycling can reduce your risk of traumatic brain injury by half. Helmeted riders were found to have both a 44% reduction in death and a far lower rate of facial bone fractures than non-helmeted riders. Unfortunately, only one in four riders follows this life-saving tip.

Maintain Your Bike

Keeping your bike in top condition can help reduce the likelihood of an accident. You should periodically inspect your tires and brakes for proper function. Ensure your tires have good tread and are inflated to the manufacturer’s specifications. This will give you the best mix of traction and durability to avoid high-speed blowouts and slipping on slick surfaces. Be sure your brakes are adjusted to allow a smooth, swift stop. If you are not sure how to tune brakes yourself, have an experienced technician at a bicycle repair shop do it for you.

Utilize Bike Lanes

As bicycling becomes increasingly popular, city planners around Dallas, Texas, are adding more bike lanes than ever to encourage safe riding. If there are bike lanes in your area, use them! They can provide a safe travel space away from speeding vehicles and distracted drivers. If you cannot use a bicycle lane, be sure to ride defensively — wear high-visibility clothing and use reflectors. Abide by all traffic laws and never assume a driver will see you and stop for you.